Where I Stayed

Where I stayed:

Hachinohe Section:
When I was in Hachinohe the night before my hike, I stayed at Toyoko Inn in front of the station. Toyoko Inn is a decent budget hotel and there was some English-speaking staff, but if possible I`d recommend staying at a non-chain hotel.
A local recommended Hachinohe Onsen Ryokan, a 15 minute walk away from the station. (Google in English to make reservations in English via TripAdvisor, etc)

Near Tanesashi Kaigan, I stayed at Minshuku Shiho (tel 0120-563-100, fax 0178-38-3105, no website).
Check-in 3 pm, check out 10 am. A stay without meals costs around 4000 yen and with meals reportedly costs around 6800 yen, but this apparently can vary by season. A local recommended the “with meals” option because the meals are tasty and extensive.

Hashikami Section:
When I went up Mt. Hashikami-dake, I stayed at Tsutsuji no Mori campground, which has space for campers and tents. There is a cooking area and a restroom, but no staff on-site, no showers, and no vending machines.
Here`s the link to Hashikami town`s (Japanese) page for the campsite: http://www.town.hashikami.lg.jp/index.cfm/10,0,60,html
You have to make a reservation to camp by calling them at 0178-88-2116. Alternatively, you could try emailing them at hashikami01@town.hashikami.lg.jp to make it easier on everyone.
We spoke in Japanese on the phone when I made my reservation. The staff asked me for my name, where I was living, possibly my address, the date I wanted to stay, the number of tents, my anticipated time of arrival and whether I had access to a branch of Aomori Bank to make my payment. I said no, because the world outside of Aomori does not have a lot of branches of Aomori Bank, so I was told that someone would drive up from Hashikami town to the campsite to collect the fee.
The next step was printing and filling out the Japanese form for staying at the campsite (downloadable here) and faxing that form to 0178-88-2117 at least three days before I was to stay at campsite.
Staying there for one tent costs 480 yen before tax. You can “check in” 3 pm or later, and you have to “check out” by 10 am the next morning.

Kuji Section
I stayed at Samurai no Yu Kinokoya, and it was wonderful. They were wonderful. It's a hot spring! And they have this restaurant offering a lot of tasty food including seafood ramen and a variety of mushroom dishes. 7020 yen got me a room with an ocean view and a full breakfast.
Their website in Japanese
The email form on their website you can use to try to make a reservation in English (worth a shot if Googly translate doesn't work for their website!) From top, the fields are name, email address, phone #, sex M or F, reservation # if applicable (leave blank if not), aaaand comment field.

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