Getting There!

Getting there: you could try riding by seagull. Monty Python joke goes here
How to get to where you want to go on the trail?

A good reference for getting to your destination will be on the official maps for the sections you want to walk. You can also consult with the fine folks in charge of the trail in English using the email at the bottom of the same page.

The trusty Googly maps: Put in the station nearest you, and enter your destination.  Is Googly maps in Japanese? Change the settings back to English here.

"Surviving in Japan Without Much Japanese" also recommends two other search sites for trains.

I don't know anything about night buses because bullet trains are the transportation of the gods, but here's the JNTO page for buses with some English language search sites.

Ask a question in the Tripadvisor forum.

Go to a JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) Tourist Information Office near you to get advice.

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